What’s All The Rage About Invisalign Treatment?

Virtually invisible, removable, comfortable, hygienic, low-maintenance, healthy, custom fit, precise, quick & effective… What more could you want from a teeth straightening solution?

As the world’s most advanced digital orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is taking the world by storm. Boasting an array of benefits not offered by traditional orthodontic solutions, Invisalign guarantees better results, increased oral health and a more suitable option for your everyday lifestyle. At Skye Dental, we specialise in quality Invisalign treatment in Brisbane. For a nearby provider, look no further!

With satisfied customers all over the globe, let’s take a closer look at the why this precise and predictable teeth solution is quickly surpassing traditional methods:

1.     Less Upkeep & Maintenance

Say goodbye to breaking your braces bands or struggling to floss, Invisalign will ensure a much more hassle-free and comfortable orthodontic experience. Invisalign seamlessly fits into your lifestyle without causing any downtime or unnecessary stress, and here’s why:

  • Less dental clinic visits are required
  • No need to cut out your favourite foods – You have no food restrictions when it comes to Invisalign treatment, eat all the apples and hard food you like!
  • More comfortable – There is no need to have your braces tightened, Invisalign is a pain-free option!

2.     Increased Oral Health

With Invisalign aligners, you won’t have any restrictions when it comes to maintaining optimum oral health. Unlike traditional orthodontic solutions that make flossing a struggle and reaching certain places a mission, Invisalign aligners are easily removable, meaning you can clean your teeth with ease to ensure optimum oral health.

Likewise, cleaning your Invisalign clear aligners is also just as easy. Simply treat them like a second set of teeth and give them a good brush just like you would do your own.

3.     Better Results

Did you know there are over 4.5 million satisfied Invisalign customers worldwide? Voted as the world’s most advanced digital orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers the same results as traditional methods in a much easier, quicker and discreet way.

Cut down on appointments and treatment time and say goodbye to being ashamed of your braces, Invisalign is the new discreet teeth straightening method that no one has to know about. For a precise, predictable and gradual teeth movement solution, Invisalign is your number one choice.

Curious to learn more about Invisalign and discuss your suitability? As a trusted Invisalign Treatment Provider in Brisbane, be sure to get in contact with Skye Dental today to book an appointment. Simply call our friendly team on 07 3823 1896 or use our simple online booking system.

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