Simple Toothache Home Remedies

A toothache will generally occur at the worst of times. It usually occurs when the nerves inside the tooth are exposed or irritated, causing mild to severe pain. There are many causes for a toothache, with the most common being the result of cavities, gum disease, and infections. Not to mention, loose fillings, jaw joint disorders, and cracked teeth are also known to contribute.

When a toothache arises, there are many types of home remedies that can help to soothe and bring about temporary relief before you get it checked by a dentist. Here’s our list of simple toothache home remedies to assist in alleviating the pain:

  1. Pain relief medication – Common brands include Advil, Panadol, and ibuprofen. Make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the analgesics by talking to your local pharmacist. There are also topical medications and numbing agents designed to help relieve tooth pain, for a short duration.
  2. Salt water rinse – If you’re looking for a simple yet more organic alternative, try salt water. This helps to reduce the bacteria in your mouth and may help to reduce the aching tooth too. Simply dissolve a few teaspoons of salt in water at room temperature and rinse your mouth a few times a day.
  3. Suck on an ice cube – Sucking on an ice cube may help to numb the pain, particularly if the pain is felt in your gums. If you are experiencing jaw pains, applying an ice pack or a heat pack around the area of the jaw can be very effective. You may experience more relief with the hot compared to the cold and vice versa.
  4. Spices & kitchen ingredients – There are other simple toothache home remedies such as some common spices and ingredients that you will find in most kitchens. For example, cloves have a high concentration of antioxidants and are well known to eliminate toothaches while helping to fight against bacterial infections. Garlic possesses antibiotic and analgesic properties that will help soothe your toothache. If you can handle the taste – and the bad breath afterward – chewing a few cloves of garlic is considered one of the best home remedies for aching teeth. You can also mix garlic powder with salted water into a paste for applying directly onto your aching tooth for a quick temporary relief.

At Skye Dental, we know that prevention is always better than a cure. To avoid the pain and discomfort that comes with a toothache, all you need to do is take simple, yet regular preventive measures. It begins with practicing proper oral care routines at home, such as brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing consistently. If you have a toothache, the worst thing you can do is avoid brushing that area due to pain.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also an essential component of preventive dental care. Avoiding food and drinks that are high in sugar content will significantly reduce the negative effects of oral bacteria that thrive on sugar.

Finally, the most important thing you can do when you have a toothache is to give Dr. Ward a call at Skye Dental and book a consultation. Dr. Ward is here to offer advice at any time, it is up to you what you do from there. Don’t let a little problem become a bigger one by putting off your trip to the dentist. When things are caught early, there are simpler solutions to fix them.

Don’t let that toothache be a pain anymore, give the friendly team a call on 3823 1896. Or come down to your convenient shopping village at Maridale Park in Capalaba, to have a chat.

Until then, be sure to follow our list of simple toothache home remedies!

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