Children’s Dentist Capalaba

Do you have little ones who need to come to see a dentist? At Skye Dental, our dentists are wonderful with children and have an in-depth understanding of dentistry for kids. Skye Dental is the perfect Children’s Dentist for your child. 


Why Skye dental is the perfect Children’s Dentist for your kids 

Our dentists are highly experienced with children’s dentistry here at Skye Dental. Therefore, they understand the unique needs of children and their teeth. As well as our fantastic dentists, our practice is bright and welcoming; all our staff love seeing kids smile with confidence. We offer a variety of tools to help your child feel comfortable and welcomed in our practice. Things like a TV with their favourite show on and our famous soft toys like Toothy Tiger. Your child will find a welcoming environment where they can learn to love their teeth. 


When should I bring my child in to see the dentist?

The Australian Dental Association suggests you bring your child in for their first dental visit when they are 1 year old or when their first tooth becomes visible, whichever comes first. However, if you notice something out of the ordinary before then, bring the child in for a visit.


What if my child needs orthodontic work?

Many children require orthodontic work to correct a variety of dental challenges. For example, the way they bite or to make room for adult teeth. Our highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr Evelyn Yap may be able to provide orthodontic work to your child or adolescent. So, call today on 3823 1896 for a consultation with Dr Yap. 


But dentists scare my child?

There are a lot of new things at a dentist, masks and noises, so it is common for children to be scared for the first few visits. This can be difficult to adjust to and can cause some fear or anxiety for some children. However, there are many ways we can help your child overcome that fear and come to enjoy his or her visits to the dentist.  For example, bring your child in for a short appointment where they can meet their dentist and have a ride in the ‘big blue chair’. Or bring your child along to one of your appointments, so they can see what will happen and that you aren’t afraid. 


For an experienced dentist for your child, call 3823 1896 today to book an appointment. 

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